• Rahmani, Neda

    A child of the revolution, born in Iran to Persian and Mauritian Parents. Neda grew up in Australia enjoying the…

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  • Woollard, Stephanie

    Stephanie Woollard is an inspired young Australian woman who believes that small steps can make a big difference. For the…

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  • Steer, Kent

    Kent works as a researcher in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems. A large part of his work is focussed…

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  • Riggs, Emma

    Emma is a solicitor. She has studied Human Rights and International law in Europe and received a Law Foundation of…

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  • Yraola, Ursula

    Ursula is a South American architect, interior designer and writer with a keen interest in nature and environmental issues. Ursula…

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  • Ozkan, Sevim Dogan

    Sevim is a photographer originally from Turkey with a Kurdish ethnicity. She has travelled the world extensively to absorb and experience…

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  • Green, Hilda

    Hilda Green graduated from the University of Melbourne with a major in Business Strategy and Development. To futher her skills…

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  • Ieridou, Eva

    Eva is a 21 year-old Cypriot young individual who is studying Communication and Media Studies in Athens, Greece. She’s a…

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