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Woollard, Stephanie

Stephanie Woollard is an inspired young Australian woman who believes that small steps can make a big difference. For the past 8 years she has run, a social enterprise in Nepal training marginalised and socially isolated women in a bid to lift them from the bottom rung of society with opportunities to improve their quality of lives.

Stephanie’s life changed in 2006 when she visited Nepal and met seven disabled women who were making soaps and candles to sell in the local market. Being disabled in Nepal is a stigma and because the locals believe these people bring bad luck, they sold very little. In spite of their poverty and hardship, Stephanie saw a tremendous strength and endurance in these women. She also saw an opportunity to support them to create a sustainable enterprise that would give them skills to make Fair Trade goods for sale locally and internationally, and in doing so give them economic independence and a way to regain their dignity.

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