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Citizens’ Joint Declaration for the Freedom of Cyprus

· ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΥΠΟΥ / BASIN BİLDİRİSİ / PRESS RELEASE · (Ελληνικά / Türkçe / English)

Active citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, presented their vision and positions for the solution of the Cyprus problem, through a common document of principles and goals. The Declaration of Pan-Cyprian Mobilization for the Freedom of Cyprus was presented on Monday, October 23, in a packed hall of the Union of Cyprus Journalists.

The presentation was greeted as supporters of the Declaration by freedom fighter Sener Levent, Dr. Stephanos Constantinides, Dinos Toumazos, Irene Madoles, Oz Karahan, Artemis Orphanou, Alekos Michaelides, Hara Savvidou Ieridou, Aziz Sah and Tonia Stavrinou.

The common goal and fundamental principle of everyone is to reject a separation solution that would create apartheid conditions and consolidate the gains of the occupation, and to strengthen the struggle for a unitary Republic of Cyprus.

The Declaration of Pan-Cyprian Mobilization for the Freedom of Cyprus, signed by active citizens of the Republic of Cyprus who live in both the free and occupied areas, is a document of convergences and principles, which constitutes a common basis for discussion.

The aim is to broaden this discussion and open a dialogue in society about the future we envision.



We hereby declare our unwavering commitment to the struggle for the freedom of Cyprus and we stand united in the pursuit of a just and sustainable solution.

We consider and ascertain the following:

  • The Cyprus problem has its roots in Turkey’s expansionism and is perpetuated by its intransigence. It has resulted in military occupation and demographic alteration due to forced displacement of Cypriots and settler colonization.
  • Turkey’s strategic goal is the control of the whole of Cyprus. An apartheid-style arrangement with two constituent states, with political equality and separate sovereignty, which would facilitate Turkey in this pursuit.
  • A sustainable and just solution can be achieved through the will of Cypriots; no power or international organization is going to grant it to us or help us ensure it.

We aim for the following:

  • The withdrawal of all Turkish troops and settlers from the territories of the Republic of Cyprus, the consolidation of the Republic of Cyprus’ sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, as well as the removal of all foreign troops and military bases on the island.
  • Ensuring the right and the conditions of safe return of all displaced persons.
  • Promoting the peaceful coexistence of all citizens of the Republic of Cyprus and emphasizing the unity of society, the economy, and the institutions of state power throughout its territory. The guarantee for this can efficiently be ensured via the membership of Cyprus in the European Union.
  • A future where all citizens will have the freedom to settle and move throughout Cyprus, have the right to work in any desired sector and exercise property rights, and enjoy the democratic freedoms of electing and being elected based on the democratic principle of “one person, one vote.”
  • Ensuring the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus, based on a political system that operates within the framework of modern pluralistic democracy, within the European Union, in order to achieve a fair, functional, and sustainable solution.

In our pursuit of saving and liberating our homeland by achieving a comprehensive solution, we propose and support:

  • Pan-Cyprian unity and solidarity.
  • Development of a multi-level and multi-dimensional foreign policy to forge strategic alliances with neighboring and other states based on common interests.
  • Working through international and European mechanisms to implement measures against Turkey while the occupation is lasting.
  • Initiating a global boycott and sanction campaign against Turkey for its war crimes and violations of human rights in Cyprus.

We, the signatories of this initiative, share the vision outlined in this Declaration. We categorically reject any so-called solution that include partition, two states, or any other arrangement with a geographical separation of Cypriots based on ethnic origin, such as a confederation or a bi-zonal bi-communal federation (BBF) which, with the separatist provisions will inevitably lead to two states. We strongly support a fully independent, truly democratic, and unitary Republic of Cyprus.

Ντίνος Τουμάζος
(Δ) Σενέρ Λεβεντ με τον μεταφραστή Ιμπραχίμ Αζίζ (Α)
Δρ. Στέφανος Κωνσταντινίδης

Οζ Καραχάν

Χαρά Σαββίδου Ιερείδου
Αζιζ Σαχ
«Αυτήν την πατρίδα θέλουμεν» – «Αυτή είναι η πατρίδα μας και το έμβλημα της»

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