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Declaration of Pan-Cyprian Mobilization for the Freedom of Cyprus

Today, on the 49th Anniversary of the Turkish invasion, 49 citizens of the Republic of Cyprus from both the occupied and the free areas, are publishing a declaration that aims to become a point of reference for the solution to the Cyprus issue.

We propose a solution based on the European acquis communautaire and the Charter of the United Nations, which define internationally accepted democratic norms within which normal states operate.

Both the text and the list of signatures will be updated periodically.

«Αυτήν την πατρίδα θέλουμεν» – «Αυτή είναι η πατρίδα μας και το έμβλημα της»


We hereby declare our unwavering commitment to the struggle for the freedom of Cyprus and we stand united in the pursuit of a just and sustainable solution.

We consider and ascertain the following:

  • The Cyprus problem has its roots in Turkey’s expansionism and is perpetuated by its intransigence. It has resulted in military occupation and demographic alteration due to forced displacement of Cypriots and settler colonization.
  • Turkey’s strategic goal is the control of the whole of Cyprus. An apartheid-style arrangement with two constituent states, with political equality and separate sovereignty, which would facilitate Turkey in this pursuit.
  • A sustainable and just solution can be achieved through the will of Cypriots; no power or international organization is going to grant it to us or help us ensure it.

We aim for the following:

  • The withdrawal of all Turkish troops and settlers from the territories of the Republic of Cyprus, the consolidation of the Republic of Cyprus’ sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, as well as the removal of all foreign troops and military bases on the island.
  • Ensuring the right and the conditions of safe return of all displaced persons.
  • Promoting the peaceful coexistence of all citizens of the Republic of Cyprus and emphasizing the unity of society, the economy, and the institutions of state power throughout its territory. The guarantee for this can efficiently be ensured via the membership of Cyprus in the European Union.
  • A future where all citizens will have the freedom to settle and move throughout Cyprus, have the right to work in any desired sector and exercise property rights, and enjoy the democratic freedoms of electing and being elected based on the democratic principle of “one person, one vote.”
  • Ensuring the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus, based on a political system that operates within the framework of modern pluralistic democracy, within the European Union, in order to achieve a fair, functional, and sustainable solution.

In our pursuit of saving and liberating our homeland by achieving a comprehensive solution, we propose and support:

  • Pan-Cyprian unity and solidarity.
  • Development of a multi-level and multi-dimensional foreign policy to forge strategic alliances with neighboring and other states based on common interests.
  • Working through international and European mechanisms to implement measures against Turkey while the occupation is lasting.
  • Initiating a global boycott and sanction campaign against Turkey for its war crimes and violations of human rights in Cyprus.

We, the signatories of this initiative, share the vision outlined in this Declaration. We categorically reject any so-called solution that include partition, two states, or any other arrangement with a geographical separation of Cypriots based on ethnic origin, such as a confederation or a bi-zonal bi-communal federation (BBF) which, with the separatist provisions will inevitably lead to two states. We strongly support a fully independent, truly democratic, and unitary Republic of Cyprus.

  • Λόγω της κατάστασης στα κατεχόμενα, πολλοί Κύπριοι υπογράφοντες που διαμένουν εκεί ζητούν να μην δημοσιευτούν οι υπογραφές τους.
  • Due to the situation in the occupied areas, many Cypriot signatories residing there request that their signatures not be published.

Spokesperson : Dr. Stephanos Constantinides – + 357 99 522 539

Contact :

Oz Karahan : + 357 96 27 27 96

Dinos Toumazos : + 357 97 67 67 12

Please click HERE to sign the declaration

  • Signatures

Aristos Michaelides – Jounalist

Hara Savvidou Ieridou – Architect

Sener Levent – Journalist / Publisher

Celia Pavlaki – Business Director

Kyriacos Tsimillis – Chemist, PhD

Hari Spanou – Doctor / Author

Ibrahim Aziz – Agricultural Engineer / Journalist

Thaleia Tassou – Lawyer, Poet, Artist

Dinos Toumazos – Think Tank Director

Maria Rossidou – Architect

Oz Karahan – Political Analyst

Stephanos Constantinides – Academic / Author

Aziz Sah – Journalist

Tonia Stavrinou – Journalist

Stelios Drymiotis – Lawyer

Kamil Saldun – Film Writer & Director

Chrysanthi Savvidou – Academic / Author

Yiotis Christophorou – Businessman

Despo Pringi – Artist

Panicos Panayides – Architect / Town Planner

Ioanna Orphanou – Dentist

Sholeh Zahrael – Film Writer & Director

Nearchos Palas – Former Ambassador

Annita Aphamis – Business Director

Alexandros Michaelides – Mining Engineer / Consultant

Stefanos Kouratzis – Photographer / Columnist

Stavros Kikas – Artist / Art Teacher

Lia Ioannou – Αctivist

Maria Efstathiou – Activist

Eren Ali – Activist

Avraam Hadjigiovannis – Business Engineer / Consultant

Artemis Hadjivarnava – Economist

Faize Ozdemirciler – Writer / Poet

Paola Christoforou – Hotel Management

Yiannis Shekersavvas – Electrical Engineer

Fanoulla Argyrou – Journalist / Researches

Andreas Kapandreou – Author / Librarian

Eva Ieridou – Enterpreneur / Events and Community Manager

Alexis Toufexis – Research Assistant

Emmanouela Economopoulou – Data Engineer

Costas Charalambidis – Researcher / Author

Zena Poulli – Columnist / Educator

Michalis Georgiades – Film Director

Cleopatra Makridou Robinet – Chemist / Poet

Petros Hadjichristodoulou – Sports Journalist

Νiki Κatsaounis – Poet / Culture and Political Analyst / Phd

Pambos Charalambous – Activist

Antonia Theodosiou – Architect & Environmental Engineer

Lora Stylianou – Lawyer

Panayiotis Aphamis – Civil Engineer

John Pitsillos – Business Director

Nicos Koutsou – Former Member of the Parliament

Ermis Tsiatinis – Civil Society Activist

Kostis Efstathiou – Member of the Parliament / Lawyer

Yiannakis Er. Ioannou – Lawyer

George Colocassides – Lawyer

Savvas Nicolaides –  Activist

Nicos Chrysostomou – Architect / Consaltant

George Tattis – Anthropologist / Journalist

Nicos Er. Ioannou – Doctor / Cardiologist

Alekos Michaelides – Journalist / Publisher

Stathis Efstathiou – Lawyer

Savvas Chrysanthou – Company Director

George Kamelaris – Author / Researcher

Stelios Stylianou – Businessman

Stavros Parpis – Businessman

Marios Poullikkas – Biologist

Pantelis Panteli – Mechanical Engineer

George Efstathiou – IT Consultant

Lakis Kaounides – Economist, Academic, Senior Expert and Advisor to UNIDO

Stelios Polemitis – Lawyer

Pambos H. Charalambous – Supervisor / MBA

Dinos Efthymiou – Publisher

Panayiotis Taliotis – Parliamentary Assistant

Marios Ieropoulos – Insolvency Practitioner

Roulla Malli – Lawer

Leda Mala Kolonia – Designer

Laoura Papaconstantinou – Army Officer

Angelos Angeli – Scientist

Elena Ektoros – Public Servant

Georgia Meshiti – Public Relations / Communication / Arts Events Production

Elena Georgiou – Clerk

Kleanthis Kleanthos – Teacher

Christina Karolidou – Private Employee

Antigone Sophocleous – Artist

Aki Makki – Medical Doctor (USA)

Loucia Hadjigeorgiou – Social Activist

George Theodoulou – Journalist

Emily Markides – Adjunct professor of Peace Studies

Constantinos Andreou – Private Employee

Olympiada Vyzakou – Business Director

Eleni Tsaggari – Travel Agent

George Achilleos – Agronomist Surveyor Engineer

Phoebus Sparos – Physics Engineer

John Patrikios – Professor of Medicine

Dinos Christodoulides – Chorographer

Antigone Soteriadou – Translator

Andreas Demostheniades – Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

Themis Melifronidou Tomara – Economist

Grigoris Kounnamas – Naval Architect / Mechanical Engineer

Helen Efthimiou – Fashion Designer (Australia)

Digenis Georgiades – Catering / Larnaca Airport

Thekla Petrou – Retiree (Australia)

Chris Petrou – Retiree (Australia)

Yiannis Peyiotis – Author / Educator

Andreas Mechanicos – Retiree

Mary Stavrinidou Efthymiou – Autor / Educator

Panayis Diacos – Diving Trainer (Retired)

Sotiroula Vassiliou – Historian PHD

Costas Tsaggarides – Business Development Manager

Demetra Kythreotou – Activist

Petros Assiotis – Activist / Columnist

George Paphitis – Private Εmployee

George Petrikkos – Doctor / Academic

Iosif Savvides – Educator (Retired)

Artemis Savvidou – Architect

Evros Evripidou – Retiree (Australia)

Andreas Lazarou – Retiree (Australia)

Marina Demetriou Stavrou – Economist

Peter Antoniou – Business Director (Australia)

Alexandros Mavrommatis – Educator (Retired)

Steve Stavrou – Retiree (Australia)

Nicos Nicolaou Hadjinicolaou – Aurthor

Neophytos Constantinides – Economist – Sociologist

Andreas Papaellinas – Student

Michalis Michaelides – Content Creator

Androula Toumazou Kalogeropoulou – Classical Scholar / Author

Constantinos Demetriou – Educator

Marna Paschalidou – Classical Scholar – Postgraduate Student

Solon Antartis – Teacher

Argyro Zoupaniotou – Journalis

Anna Avraam – Business Director

Demetris Komodromos – Researcher (University of Cyprus)

Mike Televantos – Phd Psychologist & Actor

Moustafa Kavaz – Ziraat Mühendisi

Neophytos Miltiadous – Business Director

Ioannis Megalemos – Educator / Inspector at the Ministry of Education

Despina Georgiou – Retiree

Charoulla Kittou – Interpreter / EU

Stylianos Papantoniou – Educator (Retired)

Andreas Gregoriou – Civil Engineer

Yiannis Kalyvites – Active Citizen

Costas Constantinou – Educator

Charis Gregoriou – Architect

Christos Tsimon – Private Employee

Avgi Markidou – Retiree

Yioula Chadjicharalambous – Social Worker

Andreas Christophorou – Educator (Retired)

Andreas Chrysostomou – Refugee

Sandi Kazafanali – Berber

Ekaterini Lada – Landscape Architect

Eleni Martzoukou – Lawyer

Despo Iordanou – Retiree

Vassilis Metaxas – Marketer

Kimon Economides – Academic (UK)

Eleni Ioannidou Vrachimi – Lawyer (Retired)

Andreas Ellinas – Business – Director

Tomys Mitsides – Business Director

Smaragda Eliadou – Special Educator

Stylianos Em. Voutsadakis – Civil Engineer (Retired)

Kyriacos Petrou – Programmer

Angela Christophidou – Author Poet

Stephanos Chiartas – Chemical Engineer

Christos Chorattides – IT

Thalia Christophidou – Historian

Ioanna Chaemenedaki – Retiree

Vasilios Triantos – Educator

Andreas A. Loizias – Dipl. C. Engineering, MBA

Antonis Theodorides – Professional Aviatior

Alexandros Economou – Lawyer

Kleanthis Constantinou – Educator

Charalambos Christophorou – Business Director

Christina Assioti – Tsimilli – Educator

Alkiviades Pavlou – Postgraduate Student

Panayiotis Polychronis – IT Technician

Marina Chadjikyriacou – Journalist

Chrysostomos Papadopoulos – Theologist

Andreas Demosthenous – Bank Clerk

Chrysostomos Economou – Musician

Petros Kareklas – Phd Kythrea Mayor

Demetris Kyprianou – Educator

Yiannoulla Antoniou – Retiree / NGO Volunteer

Michalis K. Toumazou – Academic / Archaeologist (USA)

Yiannakis Papanastasiou – Photographer

Glafkos Kariolou – Retiree

Costas Papaleontiou – Civil Engineer

George Agridiotis – Wittler

Panayiotis Christophorou – Filmmaker

Ioanna Panayiotou – Biologist

Hector Toufexis – Medical Assistant

Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis – Interpreter

Thelxinoe Kontoyianni – Educator

Andreas Ierides – Architect

Guner Ali – Tailer

Christos Passas – Architect

Marios Charalambous – Draftsman

Hayati Yaşamsal – Retired

Nicos Hadjithoma – Taxi Driver

Marios Christou – Academic

Emre Ergün – Political Activist

Loucas Makris – Medical Doctor

Stavros Karambelas – Politician – Leader of EDIK

Roma Siachos – Accountant

Dimitrios Siachos – Retiree

Christos Vasiliou – Mechanical Engineer

Evdokia Venetou – Educator (Retired)

Andreas Christodoulou – Retiree

Kemal Tore – Butcher

Birsel Afadjan – Chef

George Agapiou – Retiree (Australia)

Lambrini Tsigarida – Designer

Yiannoula Antoniou – Retiree / Volunteer at NGO

Natasa Ioannou – Journalist

Nikos Papadogiannakis – Medical Doctor/Associate Professor (Sweden)

Stephanos Manolis – PHD Student

Vassilis Valsamakis – Mechanical Engineer

Konstantinos (Konstantis) Sevris – Political Scientist

Constantinos Georgiou – Veterinarian

Konstantinos Berdos – European Public Service Employee

Lila hayri – Housewife

Aristides Gokas – Private Employee (Greece)

Orestis Agisilaou – Turcologist

Laris Vrachimis – Lawyer

Vasia Markides – Artist / Filmmaker / Educator

Petros Evdokas – Citizen

Ali Caglar – Civil Engineer

Angelos Rigas – Medical Doctor


Irene Madoles – Teacher

Harita Madoles – From Kyrenia / Harita’s hudspand was Murdered by the Turkish army

Dimitris Aleyromageiros – Lieutenant General (Ret’d)

George Pierides – Dental Technician

Christos Demosthenous – Βrigadier (Ret’d)

Stavros Pittas – (Ret’d)

Christos Arvanides – Journalist

Panayiotis Vardakis (Peter Kosta) – Theatre Director

Odysseas Mardapittas – Businessman

Derya Tasli – Artist

Emilios Theodosiou – Civil Engineer / H&S Consultant


Christos Yiannakis – Mechanical Engineer

Athanasios Houpis – Journalist

Michael Stelicos – Academic

Panicos Eleftheriou – Former Bank Cleck

Andreas Kynigos – Businessman

Charalambia Kenti – Archaelologist – Educator

Nesim Kopça – Building Services Engineer

Maro Jadjipieri – Artist

= = =

Pantelis Vatakis – Army Officer

Iacovos Iacovou – Businessman

Nicos Tentzerakis – Archivist / Librarian

Lambros Vazeos – Βrigadier (Ret’d) / Academic

İlker Ozkunt – Retiree

Ekaterinis Bakirtzi – Detective (private investigations)

Tasos Christodoulou / Engineer

George Angelides – General (Ret’d)

Nicos Pattihis – Clerk

Constantinos Moucouros – Mathematician


Christis Tsikkinis – Civil Engineer

Demetris Argyrou – Retired Bank Clerk

Andrie koumi – Unemployed

Ismail Isilsoy – Theatre

Maria Modinou – Clerk

George Chailos – Associate Professor of Mathematics

Constantinos Santamas – Civil Engineer

Stelios Zachariou – Hairdresser

Efie Ioannou Vainal – Citizen of the Republic of Cyprus

Silouanos Nicolaou – Software Developer

Christos Tsiakas – Retiree

Hüseyin Vedat Aglamaz – Journalist

Maria Pericleous Antoniou – Retiree

Richard Vinall – Commercial Pilot


Rolly Gatenio – Businessman

Pauline Trikkis – Home duties

Kaitlyn Mosseu – Nursing

Michael Kyriakides – Retired

Pavlos Demetriou – Mechanical Engineer

Iacovos Pierides – Active Citizen

Nicholas S. M. Matheou – Academic (Historian)

Costas Karayiannis – Pensioner

Ekin Inan – Student (Medicine)

Michael Constantinou – Chartered Architect

George Grecoriou – IT


Pavlos Chatzipavlou – Chemistry

MARIA VASILIADOU – BEd, MA in Mass Communications

Elena Perikleous – Teacher / Writter

Nicos Michalias – Activist

Elias Ziras – Chemist

Αφάλης Παναγιωτης – Πρόεδρος πολεμικού Συλλόγου “ΚΟΜΑΝΤΟΣ 74”

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