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British Military Bases in Cyprus

My Thought of the Day

The British government authorised military sorties against Iranian drones from the Akrotiri Air Bases without informing the Cyprus government —revealed by president Chrystodoulides— which puts Cyprus smack in the middle of a war zone and a direct military target of Iran and its Muslim proxies.

In fact, this is not the first time the British bases were used for an attack against enemies of western interests.

This dastardly act shows absolute disrespect for the people of Cyprus, the rule of law and the territorial integrity of the Republic.

Acting in such a clandestined manner certainly puts the nation under threat of a possible attack by proxy Muslim extremists. Yet, it did not lift a finger to stop the Turkish military invasion and occupation of the island in 1974.

The British Bases exist in Cyprus under the 1959 Zurich Agreement on the condition that those Military Bases would never be used for military attack against third parties. Their presence here is conditionally justified; so they can protect the Republic and British interests in the region and not to be used for war.

The time has come for a serious debate if the British Military bases are justified to remain on the island or its time for them to go.

But, as long as the Cyprus govvernment refuses to protect the interests of the country this subect matter will remain a serious deabate for years.

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