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Blitz Bazawule – the Ghanaian who dazzled Beyoncé takes on The Color Purple

Blitz Bazawule, the director of a new film adaptation of Alice Walker's revered 1982 novel The Color Purple, is a true renaissance man.

In his 41 years, the Ghanaian has also co-directed a Beyoncé film, published a novel, performed his music across the world and set a Netflix record.

  • Wedaeli Chibelushi
  • BBC

His latest challenge – a musical of the potent, Pulitzer Prize-winning book about a troubled, young, black woman fighting racism and the patriarchy in America – is released in the US on Christmas Day.

Bazawule’s Color Purple follows a 1985 film adaptation that won actress Whoopi Goldberg a Golden Globe, and a Broadway musical that opened in 2005.

Directing a second film version of a…

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