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Has Big Business Hijacked Veganism – And Sold It Back To Us?

It’s grammable, it’s aspirational and it’s worth billions a year.

  • Sara Spary
  • HuffPost

“I remember the days where a jacket potato and beans was as good as it got,” says Collette Gray as she peruses the groaning shelves of Waitrose’s vegan aisle.

Vector illustration of seamless pattern with red raspberries on a green background in a pop art style.

In 20 years of being a vegan, she has never encountered anything like this kind of choice at the supermarket – from jackfruit and kidney bean chilli sauce, to porcini and spinach ravioli, beet wellington and…

“When I was first vegan, you had to source information through word of mouth or through research and leaflets out on demonstrations,” she reflects.

“So I’m delighted and…

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