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Indian Teens’ Mental Distress Was Invisible, Invalid Until A Decade Ago

Writer Himanjali Sankar says her book ‘The Lies We Tell’ emerged from wanting to understand difficult mental states in a socially and culturally familiar context.

  • Himanjali Sankar
  • HuffPost

Mental illness no longer carries the stigma it used to have even ten years back.

Man and a scibbled version of himself

But it is tagged by many , ranging from disappointment to impatience and annoyance at what is perceived as self-indulgence at some level.

When those in greater control of their mental states come face to face with it, there is a sort of floundering.

I have many loved ones who aren’t strangers to mental illness—some are completely in the grip of it and other inhabit its shadowy borderlines.

But as always, it…

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