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‘We want peace’: A Rohingya family’s 40 years of suffering

Rohingya refugees tell of decades of persecution and horrors suffered at the hands of Myanmar security forces.

  • Mohammed Jamjoom
  • AlJazeera

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh – Gul Zahar is the head of four generations of family and and the bearer of 40 years of suffering.

A Rohingya refugee in her 90s, she has fled persecution in Myanmar on three separate occasions in her life: first in 1978, then in 1991 and, finally, in 2017.

Kox 2bLike many other Rohingya members of her generation, Gul isn’t exactly sure how old she is.

And while she readily admits her advanced age may keep her from remembering everything, Gul also insists she’ll never forget the…

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