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Leading human rights barrister Julian Burnside examines asylum seeker policies worldwide

  • World Premiere of Border Politics

The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival will screen the world premiere of Border Politics on 15 May in Melbourne.

Border Politics follows human rights barrister Julian Burnside as he crosses the globe to examine the treatment of refugees.

  • Georgia Rowles. Pic: James Dryburgh
  • Tasmanian Times

The documentary highlights refugee and asylum seeker policies enforced in developed countries. Julian Burnside compares the attitudes of these countries to demonstrate the role political leadership plays in refugee policies.

Julian Burnside 1a Tasmanian Times & LLLLCurrently, every minute, 24 people around the world flee their home because of violence or persecution.

Many do not survive. During 2017 one in 36 asylum seekers died crossing the…

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