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Georgiou, George (Ph)

George was born in South Africa in 1955.

He obtained Bachelor of Commerce (1976) and Bachelor of Law (1979) degrees from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

He was admitted as a Legal Practitioner in 1982 and practiced law as a principal of a firm for over ten years in South Africa.

George’s main area of practice included commercial work and Supreme Court litigation.

George married Marina Nicolau (a pharmacist) in December 1982 and they have three adult children.

The family settled in Perth, Western Australia in 1993.

George was admitted to practice law in Western Australia in September 1994. He specialises in Medico-legal litigation, particularly catastrophic head and spinal cord injury cases.

He has served a wide range of community based bodies and contributed to philanthropic causes.

George has many interests, including the enjoyment of a wide range of different genres of music, the study of history, politics, justice and social issues.

He was appointed as honourary Consul of the Republic of Zambia to Western Australia in August 2011.

Agora Dialogue Alumni – George Georgiou

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