Personal Data Protection Statement

Agora Dialogue commits to treating any personal data obtained with utmost confidentiality, ensuring the proper safeguarding of individuals’ privacy in relation to their personal

To this respect, individuals’ contact details, as well as any other information that is regarded by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as personal data, are only disclosed to persons who have the need to know for the purpose of conducting the functions / serving the mission of Agora Dialogue, and are not shared with any other parties under any circumstance.

This Personal Data Protection Statement provides further details with regards to the collection, use, sharing and protection of personal data by Agora Dialogue.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

We collect personal data through the Registration Form which is completed by potential participants. The data collected in this form include the participant’s
name, profession, job title and duties, email, telephone number, address
and depending on the payment method chosen by the participant, we may also obtain bank account details.

The personal data obtained is used for the purpose of securing a seat in the colloquiums and in other events organized by Agora Dialogue, as well as to inform for future Agora Dialogue events of a similar nature. To this respect, the data collected will not be used for any purpose other than the aforementioned.

Sharing of Personal Data

We will not share or transfer personal data to any third parties, except where this is needed for carrying out our legitimate business activities, always in line with our mission and purpose. We may also share or transfer personal data to other parties where we are specifically requested by the individual whom the data concern.

Protection of Personal Data
Agora Dialogue has procedures in place with the aim of protecting personal data from being lost, misused, altered or destructed. An absolute guarantee cannot however be provided since there is always a risk to data security considering the various threats that exist, despite the efforts made by Agora Dialogue to avoid any such incidence.

As part of its efforts to safeguard personal data, Agora Dialogue ensures that personal data is disclosed only to those who need it for carrying out its activities, who in turn are bound by confidentiality rules in relation to this information. Furthermore, Agora Dialogue makes reasonable efforts to keep records of personal data for no longer than (a) what is needed to meet an individual’s request, (b) what is necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations and with internal requirements, or until the interested individual requests that any records of his/her information are deleted. In any case, consideration is made to the nature of the data and the specific context in which it was obtained.


Individuals are entitled to request us to provide them with access to, or copies of our  records of their personal data, as well as ask us to modify their data if our records contain incorrect or outdated information. In addition, they have the right to object to the use of their personal data by Agora Dialogue in the absence of a business purpose for doing so, as well as to request the deletion of their data from Agora Dialogue’s records if they are retained for too long.

We are at your disposal to address any enquiries, comments or concerns that may arise in relation to this  Statement.

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