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The Agora Dialogue believes in the development and promotion of “a just, fair and sustainable community, in which empowered citizens can make informed decisions in their daily lives.”


Agora Dialogue is a non-partisan forum which empowers people to make better informed decisions in their daily lives. Acting as a hub for fresh ideas, it aims to expose people to new thinking and informed discussion on key contemporary issues of relevance to the world, in order to create a better educated, aware and engaged society.

The Agora Dialogue achieves its mission through the delivery of:

  • An interactive website aimed at promoting new ideas, challenging the status quo and encouraging readers to engage in conversation based on articles provided
  • Residential leadership programs, whereby attendees partake in guided discussion based on specifically developed ‘Agora Dialogue Curriculum’
  • Specialist publications (printed and electronic) and presentations promoting the vision, ideals and values of the organisation
  • Short courses, conferences and special events designed to introduce participants to engaging conversations, community empowerment and informed decision-making
  • Invitational events (e.g. forums, symposiums) for those wishing to learn more prior to a full residential program and/or program alumni wishing to stay connected to the Agora Dialogue.

Promoting the free flow of ideas and access to information in an ongoing, constructive dialogue is an important prerequisite for responsible decision-making at all levels of society, and our central manifesto is that everyone can influence public opinion and has a duty to do so.

Our People

Agora Dialogue is run by a team of passionate individuals from various backgrounds with collaboration and diversity being the essence of the team philosophy; valuing each person for their skills and contribution.

The full CV of key personnel can be found via www.agora-dialogue.com

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