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On the women’s faces, that look which says: ‘How is this possible?’

On his recent visit to Poland and Germany, ARNOLD ZABLE finds the victims of a new war intermingling with the ghosts of an old one.

  • Arnold Zable
  • Plus61jMedia

His journey begins in Krakow – the first of a three-part series.

June 28. 2022. Melbourne airport. My first overseas flight since the start of the pandemic. I am back in touch with a random humanity. The first leg to Bangkok, the second, to Munich, the final, a one-hour flight to Krakow.

A veil of haze on a summer morning as we take off from Munich airport. Below, glimpses of Bavaria: tiled farmhouses, and fallow fields alternating with ripe-green paddocks.

The landscape vanishes beneath the…

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