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How Rich Are the Richest Americans? Much Richer Than We Thought

How rich have America’s richest become?

These days, we like to think we know the answer.

  • Sam Pizzigati
  • CounterPunch

After all, we get from investigators at Forbes every fall a detailed annual list of the fortunes of America’s richest 400.

And Forbes also publishes an annual list of the world’s billionaires — a scorecard Americans dominate — as well as a “real-time” list of billionaire fortunes based on daily stock trading.

Our wealth stats don’t end there. Business reporters at Bloomberg publish a competing “Billionaires Index,” with figures proudly “updated at the close of every trading day in New York.”

Eight of the ten richest billionaires on Bloomberg’s list carry U.S. passports.

The combined fortune, at…

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