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According to official correspondence, the “Ottoman properties” of Maraş were converted to 18 thousand KL in 1935.

Resmi yazışmalara göre Maraş’ın “Osmanlı mülkleri” 1935’te 18 bin KL’ye çevrildi

…In the official correspondence between the Director of Foundations Department of the period Nail Asaf and Osman Örek, the Minister of Defense and Vice President of KTFD of the same period, regarding the properties of the Abdullah Paşa Foundation in Maraş, it is stated that all the real estate belonging to the Abdullah Paşa Foundation was converted into money through mutual agreement…

  • Gazedda Cyprus

In a statement to the Hürriyet newspaper, General Manager of Foundations Administration İbrahim Benter denied the allegations that “the properties in the closed part of Maraş belong to the Abdullah Paşa Foundation”, researcher writer – archaeologist Tuncer Bağışkan ‘with documents’.

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