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On Bloody Sunday by Julieann Campbell review – first-hand stories of a shameful day

This oral history, using the testimony of survivors, relatives and witnesses, is meticulous and moving in telling the story of the massacre in Derry 50 years ago

“As children,” Julieann Campbell writes in her introduction to this intricately woven oral history of Bloody Sunday and its long aftermath, “we were told stories about my uncle, Jackie Duddy – a teenage boxing champion – who went on a civil rights march and was shot by British soldiers.”

  • Sean O’Hagan
  • The Guardian

Jackie Duddy, aged 17, was the first fatality on the afternoon of 30 January 1972.

A photograph of his limp body being carried by local men, while a priest walks uncertainly ahead of them waving a white handkerchief, has…

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