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If America really is ‘back’, it needs to set an example on human rights and charity in Afghanistan

Over it’s 20 year war in Afghanistan the  US inflicted untold death and destruction.

Now with sanctions and boycotts it is inflicting even more suffering.

  • Alison Broinowski
  • Pearls and Irritations

Yet it continues to preach about human rights abuses by China and  others.

Before he was elected, Joe Biden told his staff that he wanted to use human rights issues to embarrass nations out of favour with the US.

He was planning to bring back the democrat rhetoric familiar from the Cold War days.

‘America is Back’ he announced as President, and since then, his Secretary of State Antony Blinken has told selected leaders to improve their human rights record.

Iran, North Korea, Russia and China were, of course, the…

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