The last great mystery of the mind: meet the people who have unusual – or non-existent – inner voices

Does your internal monologue play out on a television, in an attic, as a bickering Italian couple – or is it entirely, blissfully silent?

Claudia*, a sailor from Lichfield in her late 30s, is not Italian.

  • Sirin Kale
  • The Guardian

She has never been to Italy. She has no Italian family or friends.

And she has no idea why a belligerent Italian couple have taken over her inner voice, duking it out in Claudia’s brain while she sits back and listens.

“I have no idea where this has come from,” says Claudia, apologetically.

“It’s probably offensive to Italians.”

The couple are like the family in the Dolmio pasta sauce adverts: flamboyant, portly, prone to waving their hands and shouting.

If Claudia has a…

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