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Three countries, eight years: one refugee’s nightmare odyssey through Australia’s detention system

From Christmas Island, to Manus, Port Moresby, Fiji and now Brisbane, 25-year-old Loghman Sawari still waits for the one thing he craves: freedom

Loghman Sawari was a child when they sent him to what he calls the “prison island”.

  • Ben Doherty
  • The Guardian

At 17, Sawari was unlawfully sent by Australia to the adult men-only detention centre on Manus Island.

He was there when the centre was attacked and his friend murdered.

He endured beatings and deprivations, arrests and strip-searches.

He fled to Fiji, but was illegally deported. He acceded to resettlement in Papua New Guinea and ended up sleeping on the streets.

Over eight years…

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