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“200 years of Freedom and Hellenism”

Hellenic Cultural Organization "Nostos" - Buenos Aires, 14/6/2021

  • Press release: 4th International Literary Competition NOSTOS

The Greek Cultural Organization “Nostos” participates in the festivities for the 200 years since the beginning of the Greek Revolution with the organization of the 4th International Literary Competition.

This competition, implemented in collaboration with the Historical Argentine Society of Writers (SADE, Sociedad Argentina de ESCRITORES) founded in 1928 and the Society of Greek Writers (ELL), founded in 1934, is addressed to Greek and Philhellene writers and invites them to participate with a work (poetry or essay), written in one of five languages: Greek, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or English.

The 4th International Literary Competition will be held under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Hellenes Abroad and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, which is indeed a great honor for Nostos.

In a similar way, the Embassy of Argentina in Greece and the Embassy of Greece in Argentina have declared their full support. The competition is also supported by the Cervantes Institute of Athens, while the effort to make it in Italian and Portuguese could not have been successful without the substantial support of the Società Filellenica Italiana and the Federation of Greek Communities of Brazil.

The competition was “embraced” from the first moment by many other notable cultural associations such as:

  • the Hispanic American Academy of Fine Letters (Academia Hispanoamericana de Buenas Letras) , based in Madrid, Spain,
  • General Directorate of Foreign Communities of the Government of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • the Maria Tsakos Public Benefit Foundation, based in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • the Center for Ancient, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies “Fotios Malleros”, Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the University of Chile in Santiago
  • The Federation of Hellenic American Educators and Cultural Associations
  • The Department of Greek Language of Napoli and Campania
  • the International Society of Friends of “Nikos Kazantzakis”
  • The Hellenic-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Culture – Camara Chileno-Helénica de Comercio y Cultura (CCHCC).
  • the Organization for the Diffusion of the Greek Language (ODEG)
  • the Union of Greek Writers and Authors of the Five Continents (EELSPI)
  • the Hellenic Community of Santiago, Chile
  • the Hellenic Community of Cairo
  • The Hellenic Community of Paraguay

Finally, the Media Sponsors, who contribute to the wider promotion of the Contest:

  • Athenian-Macedonian News Agency (
  • 5th Program of ERA, “Voice of Greece” (
  • ERT Satellite Program (
  • CNN Greece ( Athens
  • Global View (, Athens
  • Greek News, New York USA (
  • New World, Melbourne, Australia (
  • New Light, Cairo, Egypt (
  • THEMA FM, “One World Greece”

Terms and conditions of the International Literary Competition “200 years of Freedom

and Hellenism”

The deadline for submission is August 1, 2021. Literary works shall be submitted to the email address: following the terms and conditions described in detail on the Nostos ́website (

Three awards, three commendations and four honors will be presented and the awarded works will be published in a digital Anthology. The winners will be announced in October 2021 and the awards will be delivered on a date to be determined during the current year.

Additional details:

  1. A) Authors of any nationality and gender, adults over 18 years old, may participate with a single literary work, in Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Italian or English, in the form of poetry or short essay, not more than ten pages, which have not been published before or awarded and also, it must not be waiting for a result from any other competition.
  2. B) The deadline for submission of the literary works will expire on August 1, 2021. The works will be submitted by email to the following address:
  3. C) Only one work per author can be submitted. In the case of poetry, at least 60 to 120 verses are submitted in PDF, A4 format, Times New Roman font, size 12, with single space.

In the case of the essay, the text must be 6,000 to 20,000 characters long, including word spacing (5 to 10 pages) in PDF, A4 format, Times New Roman font, size 12, with single space.

  1. D) The original works will be signed under a pseudonym and will be sent by e-mail containing 3 files:

1-A file (pdf) that will include the project signed under a pseudonym,

2-A file (pdf) with the registration form completed with the nickname,

3-A file (pdf) with the short biography of the author and completed with the pseudonym.

  1. E) The jury, which will decide the outcome of the Competition, will be appointed by the Hellenic Cultural Association “Nostos” and the respective collaborating teams for each language. The jury will always be composed of a single number of members and will justify its choices for the awards.
  2. G) The Hellenic Cultural Organization “Nostos” has the right to publish all or part of the works that participated in the Competition, awarded or not, as well as to make the diffusion that it deems appropriate.
  3. H) Participation in this competition implies acceptance of the terms. The organization is authorized to resolve any unforeseen issues that are not regulated by the terms of the Competition. Once the essay has been submitted to the Contest, the authors will not be able to delete or modify it until the end of the Contest. If, for any reason, the author wants to stop participating in the competition, he should inform to
  4. I) The prize can be revoked, if the terms and conditions set by the jury are not meet
  5. I) AWARDS:

Prizes will be awarded in the following way and separately for each language:

Three (3) main Awards will be given, three (3) Praise and four (4) Honorary Distinctions:

First Prize: The winner of the competition will receive a medal and a diploma

Second and Third Prize: The author will receive a medal and a diploma

Commendations and honors: Distinguished entrants will receive a diploma.

The award-winning works will initially be published in a digital Anthology.

The awards will be announced in October 2021. The awards will be delivered on a date to be determined during the current year. The academic event of the awards ceremony will take place on a date to be determined at a later time.

The “Nostos” of Hellenism and Culture

The Greek Cultural Organization “Nostos” is a non-profit organization, founded in 2006 in Buenos Aires by the greek-argentinian doctor Christina Tsardikos, with the main goal of promoting, diffusing and preserving Greek Culture and Greek Education in Argentina, Latin America and wherever there is a possibility or demand.

It is a great honor for Nostos, that the National University of Buenos Aires accepted the activities of “Nostos” at its place. This cooperation was achieved thanks to the Academic Cooperation Agreement, signed in 2016. It is pointed out that with this agreement for the first time a foreign cultural organization is allowed to operate within a National University of Argentina. The goals of the organization also include the strengthening of

Greek language (Greek-speaking) education in Argentina and South America and outside Greece, through cooperation with universities, educational institutions, as well as with Greek or international educational resources “Nostos” also supports the organization of cultural and educational events and activities referred to Greece, Hellenism and Greek culture in collaboration with other organizations from Greece and abroad. It promotes the strengthening of the communication between the members of the Greek Diaspora of Argentina, Latin America and wider, as well as the Greek institutions of Argentina and abroad with cultural and educational organizations of Greece and the Greek Diaspora, with governmental and non-governmental cultural organizations and other related organizations.

All the activities of “Nostos” are offered free of charge, and are related to learning the Greek language and the promotion of Greek culture.

At the same venue at the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA) is organized every year, since 2011, the International Greek Conference, with the participation of academics from institutions in Argentina and abroad, on issues related to the influence of Greek culture in the sciences and arts

In its 15 years of active presence, “Nostos” has held -among other things- more than 100 cultural events at the National Library of Argentina, also in universities, schools, etc., dedicated to modern Greek culture, philosophy, literature, the Greek tradition and the learning of Greek dances.

Greek lessons are also taught at four levels, Greek traditional dances, seminars in philosophy, ancient Greek language, theater, etc. are held at regular intervals.

“Nostos” has organized three literary competitions, in collaboration with the Argentine Society of Writers (SADE):

  • in 2008 on “Greek culture”,
  • in 2009 on “Hellenism and Alexander the Great”, past, present and future “
  • 2010-11, “The Parthenon Sculptures: The Story of a Theft or The Theft of History”, which was recognized as a work of national importance and value by the Argentine Congress (Senate). The awards ceremony took place at the Argentine Parliament and the Acropolis Museum, and was attended by three Argentine senators, who traveled to Athens to support the Greek return request.

Nostos’ activities also include the promotion of Greek culture at the International Book Fair of Argentina –Feria del Libro- as well as the organization of the “First Day of Greece in Argentina”, in collaboration with the Government of the city of Buenos Aires.

The radio audition “Antamosi” was a great meeting of the Greeks.  At the same time, other actions that brings together the expatriates and the philhellenes of Argentina are the cultural trips to Greece (30  until the beginning of the pandemia) This kind of  trips,  have given the possibility for about 800 people to visit archeological sites and all the sights of Greece.

The rich agenda of actions of “Nostos”, includes the web page ( and the facebook funpage (Nostos.argentina).

Other activities are:

  • Free online Greek language courses (for Spanish speakers), for adults and children, attended by hundreds of people from all over Latin America through the organization’s YouTube channel (Asociacion Cultural Helenica Nostos),
  • Photography competitions
  • Production of theatrical performances and ballet.

Production of the documentary “Tango-Hasapiko – the dance of the ports”, about the history of the Greek community in Argentina, which was presented at the Thessaloniki Film Festival and screened in other cities in Greece

  • Organization of the First International Festival of Greek and Argentine Theater in Buenos Aires and lessons of Greek language and culture through Zoom from the Greek Language Workshop “We speak Greek”

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