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Online Symposium: George Bizos & his Odyssey to Freedom

Agora Dialogue cordially invites you to join an Online Symposium on Saturday 10am EEST GMT+3 24th October 2020

This symposium is free and open to the public.


1) The Online Symposium can be accessed via Zoom / will be broadcasted via Zoom and registration will be required (please see link below).

Register here in advance:

2) Timezones:

Worldwide hours:

South Africa 10:00am

Netherlands 10:00am

Zambia 10:00am

Cyprus 11:00am

Perth 4:00pm

Melbourne 7:00pm

3) Duration and Agenda

– Duration: 2 hours

– Agenda

Welcome by Dr. Jennifer Webb, Melbourne, Australia

Mr.  George Ph Georgiou, S. Africa / W. Australia

Dr. Luli Callinicos, S. Africa

The Honourable Dikagang Moseneke, S. Africa

Professor John Dugard, S. Africa

– Panel Discussion

Mr. Alexis Bizos, George Bizos’ son – S. Africa

Prof. Kostas Gouliamos, Rector of the European University Cyprus

Dr. Klearchos Kyriakides, UCLan University Cyprus

Ms. Anna Koukkides-Procopiou, Senior Fellow, Member of Advisory Board, Center for European and International Affairs-University of Nicosia

Dr. Patrick Nkhoma, Zambia

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