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Agora Dialogue – targeted programmes in Greek

Founded in Australia, Agora Dialogue is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, independent organisation.

Since 2016 the organisation’s main operations are carried out in Europe, in particular in Cyprus.

The Agora Dialogue philosophy and programmes are designed to encourage deeper reflection and reasoning.

By reintroducing to the ground and reinvigorating ideas such as justice, democracy, sustainability, fairness, equality, liberty, Agora Dialogue acts as a fulcrum for the development of a more attentive, sustainable and enriched society.

This is done not in a didactic, academic manner but rather by nudging people to engage with the relevant literature, by helping them to sharpen their analytical and critical skills, and by empowering them to bridge the gap between theory and practice and draw the relevance of abstract ideas to everyday activities.

The colloquia and symposia have usually been held in a face to face environment, with 20 participants, two moderators and English as the medium of communication.

However, given the requests from the Greek Diaspora, as well as those of Greece and Cyprus, some targeted programmes are being developed specifically to fulfill these needs and this will also be facilitated by having Greek as the medium of communication.

Reorganization due to COVID – 19

Agora Dialogue has reviewed and revised the planned 2020 programmes in the interim due to the pandemic and social distancing issues.

Information regarding the organization and technological requirements in order to participate in forthcoming events will be sent out separately to attendees.

Agora Dialogue – εξειδικευμένες δραστηριότητες στην ελληνική

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