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The question is: ‘Why Boris?’ The answer is: Brexit

Decades ago, when grown-ups inquired of little Boris Johnson what he hoped to be some day, the boy answered, “World king.”

Luckily for the world, the job isn’t available.

Only the British must suffer this reckless oaf.

  • Tom Rachman
  • The Globe and Mail

But, you might reply, Boris is so charming and so funny!

That is true.

He’s an entertaining shambles of English poshness: the haystack of befuddled blond hair, the old-fashioned elocution, his history of mischief that seems composed for a greedy biographer.

Yet his rise to power – during a crisis worse than any Britain has known since the Second World War – is a witticism that falls dead.

You wouldn’t want this man flying your plane.

Why would anyone…

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