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Saving the Stockholm Agreement and Averting a Regional Conflagration in Yemen

The UN-brokered Stockholm Agreement to stop fighting around Yemen’s Red Sea city of Hodeida is faltering as violence on other frontlines and across the Saudi border escalates. The UN and P5 should stabilise the Stockholm Agreement and push conflict parties toward national peace talks.

What’s new?

A UN-brokered agreement to demilitarise the Yemeni port city of Hodeida is stuck.

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The Yemeni government insists on a complete handover of Hodeida by the Huthis, which the latter reject. Meanwhile, Huthi attacks on Saudi territory and Saudi airstrikes in Yemen have intensified over the past three months.

Why does it matter?

The paralysis in Hodeida is preventing the UN from convening talks to end the war and undermining its credibility as…

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