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Turkey: Enabling Mass Illegal Migration into Greece

Greece is currently facing a serious surge in undocumented migrant arrivals in the Evros region, an entry point for migrants illegally trying to enter the country from Turkey.

Arrivals have roughly doubled since 2017, and…

  • Uzay Bulut
  • Gatestone Institute

The influx from places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Bangladesh and African countries into Turkey reportedly has been on the rise in recent months, with 1.5 million people from Muslim countries…

DIAVATA, GREECE - MARCH 06:  A general view over a refugee relocation centre near Thessaloniki on March 06, 2016 in Diavata, Greece. Doctors are warning that conditions at the Idomeni camp close to the Macedonian border are becoming dangerous for children, with medics dealing with a range of illnesses, including hypothermia. The transit camp at the border is becoming increasingly overcrowded as thousands of refugees continue to arrive from Athens and the Greek Islands. Macedonia's border with Greece remains 'open' but after allowing 580 refugees a day to cross into the country at the beginning of the week, the numbers passing have fallen dramatically with only a handful every day. According to local authorities approximately 12,000 refugees and migrants now remain stuck at the border as they wait to enter Macedonia to continue their journey North into Western Europe.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

This has sparked fears in Athens that they could be heading for Greece.

According to a fact sheet released last month by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), “Sea arrivals [in Greece] peaked this month with 4,000…

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