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The epic story of a 97-year-old Palestinian freedom fighter

Born in 1921, Abu Nihad remembers the toughest battles against Zionist militias after the British left Palestine.

  • Zena Tahhan
  • AlJazeera

Sur Baher, occupied East Jerusalem – In the village he defended from Zionist militias 70 years ago, Muhammad Mahmoud Jadallah is celebrated as a “blessing”.

Ubu 5eBorn in 1921, the 97-year-old, known as Abu Nihad, witnessed the unfolding of what has been dubbed by some as “the world’s most intractable conflict”.

He is one of the few Palestinian men who fought against Zionist gangs in 1948 and is alive today to tell the tale.

Sitting on a sofa in his humble home in Sur Baher, a…

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