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Surprising catch behind my idea for new political party

I’m thinking I’ll start a new party.

Political, not daiquiri.

And not a party of protest, like One Nation or the Shooters.

  • Elizabeth Farrelly
  • Brisbane Times

A party of central purpose.

Because honestly, this can’t continue.

The lying and conniving, the greed and gutlessness, the shameless expedience and entrenched short-termism.

Tete 4dSomeone’s gotta sort them out, right?

Give them a proper run for their money.

It’ll be the TT Party, and it’ll stand for simple decency.

Nothing grand or utopian.

Just plain fairness, honesty and recognition that the dollar is not our only value.

This is so obvious it sounds boring, even middle-of-road.

But let’s have a…

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