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Defence lawyer calls Puneet Puneet’s hit-and-run ‘just an accident’

“Just an accident”, is how the defence lawyer for hit-and-run driver Puneet Puneet described the death of Queensland student Dean Hofstee, aged 19, in 2008 when Puneet smashed into him after drinking and driving at high speed in Melbourne.

  • Amrit Dhillon
  • The Age

Speaking in a Delhi court hearing the Puneet extradition case, Kanhaiya Kumar Singhal said Puneet’s crime was “not heinous in nature”.

Fov 2vHe went on: “Yes a life was taken but it was not intentional. Accidents happen. It’s not as though it was a rape or murder,” he…

At this point in the proceedings in Patiala District Court, the prosecution lawyer Bhaskar Vali strongly countered the observation, saying sternly: “This is not a defence – ‘accidents happen’.

He was drinking and…

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