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In Praise of Extreme Moderation

Why does it seem like you can’t throw a paper airplane in some offices without hitting a person who is training for a marathon, planning a 10-day silent meditation retreat, or intending on scaling Kilimanjaro?

  • Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
  • Harvard Business Review

On top of working 24/7 for a company that doesn’t pay overtime?

Extremism is becoming the norm not only in our professional lives but increasingly in our personal lives as well, from politics and parenting to food and fitness.

Balance 1a by Daniel Grizelj Getty ImagesExtreme parents overinvest in building competitive kids, spending more hectic hours helicoptering than their own parents ever did (and still feel guilty).

They take up a sport to find some balance in their lives — and get caught up becoming marathoners.

Extreme foodies start…

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