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Reporting my sexual assault was horrific but healing. Here’s what I learned

Few women who survive a sexual attack make a formal complaint.

For Eggshell Skull author Bri Lee, it’s about justice

  • The Guardian

Ιt will take a long time and there’s no rushing it. For me (and for others I’ve spoken to), the decision to finally make an official police complaint about a sex offence wasn’t so much a “lightbulb moment” as the gradual knocking away at a tall wall with a small mallet, brick by brick.

Glyj 1aNot just any old wall of insecurities, either.

I’m talking about the wall that you started putting up from the moment you realised what had been done to you.

The one that’s taken years and been fortified by all the casual sexism you absorb every day.

The bricks that…

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