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Criminally minded … and how you can change it all

When a person becomes “criminally minded”, the circumstances that brought them to that place are many, varied and complicated.

No one is ever truly out of reach of help but once a person thinks like a criminal they can usually see no options apart from the “easy” way out.

Mental illness of any degree plays a huge role in shaping how someone deals with any given situation.

  • Stephen Menadue* Pic: Flickr, Alan Cleaver
  • Tasmanian Times

Enter Crime Scene etc 1a LLLLIf you’re someone that says lock ‘em up or #@$@ them, they’re only crims, you probably have no room to entertain the idea of rehabilitation.

If that is the case then all I can say is if you don’t help John Smith correct himself he may just rob your house next saturday – or when he gets out of prison.

The alternate and…

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