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As China leads the hunt for deep-sea minerals, environmental and financial concerns come to the surface

David Dodwell says China is putting money into undersea mining in the hope of maintaining the supply of minerals that make much of today’s technology possible, but such endeavours may threaten marine ecosystems we know little about.

  • David Dodwell
  • South China Morning Post

Nasa may be scouring deep space for signs of life. Elon Musk might be looking to Mars.

China’s scientists have had an eye cast skyward too – but, at the same time, the country seems keenly focused on challenges much closer to home – mineral riches in our oceans.

Elon 2bFor decades, the quest for riches scoured from our oceans has been the stuff of fiction.

Back in 1974, the CIA hoaxed the world by saying they were launching Project Azorian, a…

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