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Attack in Syria from RAF Akrotiri base in Cyprus

To : Foreign & Commonwealth Office

United Kingdom


Subject: Attack in Syria from RAF Akrotiri base in Cyprus


British military forces joined their American and French allies in a ‘precision strike’ in Douma, Syria, against Syrian state installations, attacking from Akrotiri base in Cyprus, on the allegation that the Syrian Government had used chemical weapons against its own people and in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, despite the fact that there has not been any official independent confirmation that chemical weapons had actually been used.  Indeed, the strikes against Syria were carried before the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was allowed to carry out its investigation in Douma, at the invitation of both the Syrian and Russian governments.

Cy logo 1a Klearchos 27 12 2016Considering the above, how do you justify your pathetic ‘response’ to Turkey’s continuous violation of the Treaty of Guarantees, which seriously affects Cyprus’ sovereignty rights? How do you intend to stop that malignant pattern of Turkish behaviour, protect Cyprus’ people and rights, and support the Republic of Cyprus’ legal and sovereign rights to exploit gas deposits around the island?

In the case of Syria, you acted immediately and decisively but in the case of Cyprus you have failed to proceed with any acts, whatsoever, to eliminate, or even reduce, the ongoing violations committed by Turkey.

I look forward to your expeditious reply.

Thank you in advance.

Anna Theologou

Member of Cyprus House of Representatives

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