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42 Fijians to provide security on Manus Island as tension mounts over imminent closure

A Papua New Guinea company has hired Fijian personnel to work at the controversial Manus Island detention centre, scheduled for closure next Tuesday.

The group, recruited by PNG-based Paladin Solutions, will depart Fiji on Monday pending clearance from the employment ministry.

Grup 2bPaladin’s local agent, Isireli Tamanituakula said his team would stay outside the detention centre fence and only patrol the outer boundary.“There are 42 personnel, partly military, ex-police officers, ex-prison officers, and civilians. They have been chosen to serve under Paladin Solutions Papua New Guinea for the task of looking after asylum seekers on Manus Island.”

Tamanituakula said the group would be on a one-year assignment, serving for three months at a…

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