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Hezbollah Has Been Active in America for Decades

Hezbollah has suffered serious casualties in Syria, but also feels emboldened by its battlefield successes and may seek to flex its muscles globally.

In early June, a Bronx man named Ali Kourani was arrested and charged with casing John F. Kennedy airport in New York City for a potential Hezbollah attack.

Around this same time, Samer El Debek of Dearborn, Michigan, was arrested and charged with traveling to Panama to conduct surveillance against Israeli targets and the Panama Canal.

Dese 7gAnd in February, a third man, Fadi Yassine, was arrested and charged with arranging to send weapons to a Hezbollah member in Lebanon.

Americans reacted to the arrests with shock, since many were completely unaware that Hezbollah members were operating on U.S…

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