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Make no mistake, stalking is about power and entitlement over women

WHAT part of ”œit’s over” don’t men get?

The refusal to accept the end of a relationship is not about being stubborn or stupid.

When it extends to stalking, it’s about power and entitlement – the abuse of the former and an excess of the latter.

  • Kylie Lang
  • The Courier-Mail

Mental illness, though often cited, is rarely involved.

How have we come to the point in our nominally civilised society when one in five women is a victim of stalking?

When jilted lovers increasingly seek revenge or reconciliation on social media instead of growing up and moving on?

Auf 1aNineteen per cent of women, or 1.6 million, have been stalked, almost exclusively by men, according to new figures from the Australian Bureau of…

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