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Turkey Uncensored: Will Turkey Succeed in Turning the Hagia Sophia Into a Mosque?

The Islamist Felicity Party (Turkish: Saadet Partisiorganized the “Great Jerusalem demonstration” on July 30 in Istanbul.

This event attended by thousands of people who condemned Israel following the recent incidents on the Temple Mount.

The demo quickly turned into an anti-Israel and anti-Jew hate fest in which several Islamic activists delivered harsh speeches against the Jewish State.

Mustafa Koylu, the head of the Cansuyu Association, said, “You have to do one thing so that those who do not see Turkey as a man and as a state will think once again.

Agia Sophia 2b LLLLOpen Hagia Sophia to [Muslim] worship!

Open it!

If you open Hagia Sophia to worship, Zionists will not be able to close al-Aqsa mosque to worship.

Because then you will prove that you are a…

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