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Open Letter to the UN Secretary-General on Peacekeeping in DRC

Hello 8hWhile the presence of the UN peace operation MONUSCO in the DRC is crucial, it needs to adapt to the deepening crisisΒ as violence escalates in parts of the country, and recognise President Kabila’s role in the…

The UN should use its forthcoming strategic review to adjust the mission to these challenges.

Your Excellency,

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is facing its deepest crisis since the end of the 1998-2003 war. Prospects for a peaceful transfer of power, on which the country’s stability depends, look increasingly remote, as President Joseph Kabila appears to be moving ever further from elections.

Several areas of the country, most notably the Kasai, are descending into violence and the potential remains high for clashes in major cities and…

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