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Odyssey Project

The Odyssey Project is an attempt to challenge the hostile discourse surrounding migrants, the Odyssey Project is a documentary following four humanitarian aid workers as they trace one of the main migration routes into Europe.

Odyssey Project – Trailer/Appeal from Odyssey Project on Vimeo.

We’ll be stopping off at key points and engaging locals population and refugee community through workshops, discussions and performances at “Routes Festivals”, piloted on events we’ve already run in Serbia.

Odyssey project 1a trailer appealProject Description

Whilst there are more refugees and displaced people now than at any other time on record, public and media discourse is often apathetic, misguided or even hostile. In contrast to the rising numbers of people seeking safety, media coverage is minimal, and often focuses on the potential dangers of accepting insignificant numbers of refugees. And whilst there have been many effective interventions from governments and civil society, it has also been made increasingly difficult to provide essential humanitarian aid to those making such perilous journeys.

We want to interrupt this trend.

We want to bring the migrant crisis back into the public eye, in a humanising and dignified light. The Odyssey Project, an offshoot of Refugee Aid Serbia, is a documentary exploring the journey of a van through one of the main migration routes into Europe, from Turkey to Brussels, the heart of the European Union.

Throughout the journey, the van will be stopping off at key transit points and engaging the local population and refugee communities through Routes festivals, based on similar events we have piloted in Serbia. The festivals aim to bring together local communities and the local refugee populations through workshops, discussions and performances. We want to offer a chance for interaction, but also a day of recreation on what is often a perilous journey for refugees.

And we need your help to do it!

Firstly, and most importantly (let’s not beat around the bush), contribute. Your donation will help cover the costs of everything from the documentary crew to the festival costs, from hiring translators to artist and musician fees, professional workshops to advertising materials. It may seem a large sum at first, but once you break it down, every cent is accounted for.

Secondly, please share! We want to reach as wide an audience as possible and we will not achieve this project without your help.

Otherwise you can share our video and campaign, but you can also follow and share us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Our hope is to provide a platform for critical engagement on migration issues through both the festivals and the resulting documentary. We want to humanise the refugee route and make some noise to disrupt the current discourse. If you share our aims, please consider supporting us.

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