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A cry for help: Millions facing famine in Yemen

The UN has warned that 17 million Yemenis will be in famine unless the world sends urgent humanitarian…

Antonio Guterres, the UN chief, issued a call to action on Tuesday at the aid conference held in Geneva where donor countries pledged almost…

Evan 5eBut UN says the amount is half of what is needed to combat what it is calling “the world’s largest hunger…


  1. We have to help, there is no other choice, these people could be our own sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and friends. We need to remind ourselves what it means to be human. Find humility and humbleness and help humanity for all species of life on this planet of ours that is our home.

  2. What is going on how is this poss why r we not helping these people stop worrying bout mex crossing help these poor people look at them imagine the children what a same an embarrassment for the us. What a shame

  3. In the name of God this is despicable in the year 2018. In fact at any time. Help these people now. I pray.

  4. The problem is not that we’re not sending help. The problem is the active blockades on all entry ports not allowing aid to be delivered to the people so desperately in need. Saudi Arabia is committing genocide as the United Nations sit and watch them violate all Geneva codes. God save us all.

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