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Comment: Tired of feeling like it’s my fault – why we need to break gender inequality

Excusing and perpetuating gender stereotypes, discrimination and enforcing gender roles all contribute to valuing women and girls less than men, writes Sarah Robinson.

epaselect epa05345055 Women lie as victims during a rally against gender violence under the slogan 'Not one less - who touches one touches them all' in Montevideo, Uruguay, 03 June 2016. Many social organizations participated in the march defending the rights of women against gender violence and promoting gender equality. Protesters denounced also the lack of equality between men and women in many fields, such as the labor one. EPA/JAVIER ROIBAS VEIGA

I’ve always been a ‘strong woman’, passionate about equality and justice, unafraid to speak my mind.

Sure, being yelled at by passing cars as I…

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