Dinos Toumazos

Dinos Toumazos - PhotoDinos was born on the island of Cyprus, which was under Colonial rule and at a time when opposition to the occupation was growing and the struggle for liberation had commenced.

He completed his primary and secondary education in Cyprus followed by a tertiary education in Athens.

Dinos was made a refugee in 1974 after an unsuccessful fight to defend his homeland from the invading Northern country and he still awaits for the time to come to return home (Famagusta – Cyprus)

He is a social entrepreneur particularly committed to social fairness and justice which is expressed by his lifetime dedication and  support of a range of causes, minority groups and organisations that are related with the arts, environment matters, justice, liberty, philanthropy.

Along with these time consuming activities he is involved in various projects and he is a publisher and regular columnist.

Dinos is a co-founder of Agora Dialogue.

  • Dinos Toumazos’ participation has been supported by “Famazos” The Fish Factory – 250 Grand Junction Road, Athol Park, South Australia 5012, Australia.

Dinos Toumazos

Ντίνος Τουμάζος

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